Product Guarantee

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Boot Guarantee

When you buy boots from us, we guarantee the fit. Try your boots before you go skiing. If any problems develop, we will change the boots or customise the fitting to your needs, at no extra cost (not including footbeds). If problems develop after you go skiing, we will continue to offer a free boot-fitting service. Finally, if the boots are unsuitable after our refitting efforts we will give you a credit less a usage charge of 30% of the original purchase price. Boots must be returned within 15 days from the date of the purchase. No actual monetary refunds are available.

Ski Guarantee

We are confident that at Snowride our staff will help you select the right size and type of ski and we guarantee it. If you are not happy with our recommendation you can return the skis and we will exchange them. We reserve the right to make a rental charge of 25% of the value of the skis for each week from the date of purchase. It does not include a refund option. A valid sales receipt must be produced.

Children’s Buy-Back Scheme

When you purchase new children’s equipment from Snowride Sports and your children have grown out of it, bring it back and we will give you a credit towards your next Childs purchase of up to 45% of the original value. An original receipt must be produced and the amount of credit will reflect the equipments condition. This offer does not include clothing and is only valid for junior hardware.

Conditions: Ski and boot guarantee

Negligence is excluded from the guarantee and the state of repair will be taken into consideration. The guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights.