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Well-maintained gear performs better and lasts longer. Protect your investment by utilising our professional workshop services so you can enjoy your time on snow even more. What's more, our state-of-the-art Crystal One Robot will get your gear to a standard that surpasses its original factory finish. Read more below.

The montana CRYSTAL one robot for a quality tune from start to finish

The new Montana GRIPtech system grinds in a vertical direction. For a precise, sharp and durable edge. All functional areas of the sports equipment are gently ground to RACE EDGE quality from start to finish, without grooves.



Why service your skis or board?

When your skis or snowboards come out of the factory, the bases are always ground flat, structured and waxed; the edges are sharpened and bevelled. Unfortunately this will not last forever. Usually, after just one week, your equipment will have base damage or burred edges. This will affect its performance.

Regularly serviced equipment will have an extended life, making your skis and boards easier to use. This in turn will improve your confidence and performance and let you get the best out of your equipment!

Ski and Snowboard Servicing and Repair

We pride ourselves on the service that we can offer to help maintain or repair your skis or snowboards. With a combined experience of over 25 years in this specialist sector you can rest assured your equipment is in the best hands and we utilize all of the latest servicing and repair equipment at our workshop based in Christchurch.

Ski and Snowboard Equipment servicing is available in our store year round. We offer all of the below services which include edge sharpening, base grinding, hot waxing, base repair and even repair of top sheet de-laminations to both skis and snowboards.

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Workshop Prices


  • Skis — wax Only $20.00
  • Skis Full Tune— Crystal Gld sharpen, p/tex, bevel and wax ** $60.00**
  • Skis — Crystal Glide sharpen, bevel and wax $48.00
  • Skis — p/tex Only $10-$35
  • Skis — Crystal Glide sharpen, bevel $40.00
  • Skis-- Race Vario Structure, set and sharpen edge, base bevel $80.00
  • Skis-- Race wax Base Prep wax + LF wax $40.00
  • ** Maybe an extra charge for P/tex if base damage is major $10-$20
  • Patches approx $35.00+ to quote


  • Skis — Crystal Glide sharpen, p/tex, bevel and wax $48.00
  • Skis — Crystal Glide sharpen, bevel and wax $38.00
  • Skis — Crystal Glide sharpen, bevel $32.00
  • Skis — wax Only $15.00
  • Patches approx $35.00+ to quote
  • Skis — p/tex Only $5.00–$30.00

Snowboard Service

  • Snowboard Full tune — sharpen, p/tex, bevel and wax** $60.00**
  • Snowboard — wax only $22.00
  • Snowboard — sharpen Only $30.00
  • Snowboard — sharpen, bevel and wax $48.00
  • ** Maybe an extra charge for P/tex if base damage is major $10-$20
  • Patches approx $35.00+ to quote

Binding Mount

  • Fit bindings New mount $55.00
  • Fit bindings remount toe or heel $45.00
  • Fit bindings Full remount $65.00
  • Fit bindings test no remount $10.00

Custom Boot Fitting

  • Custom Boot Fit Hourly Rate $80.00 Min 30 Minutes
  • Boot stretching: expand shell to relieve pressure points. From: $20.00 per stretch
  • Custom Footbed with Boot Purchase from Snowride $160-$190
  • Custom Footbed with Boot not from Snowride $190-$220
  • Fischer Boot Vacuum Fit . $120.00 (FOC if boot purchased at Snowride)
  • Regular Heat Fit Liner. $50.00 (FOC if boot purchased at Snowride )

Boot Repairs

As well as offering a boot fit guarantee with all boots that we sell we are also capable of various boot repairs on most makes of ski boots.


  • Buckle replacement from: $25.00 per buckle
  • Ankle rivets replacement from: $15.00 per rivet
  • Replacement Heel and Toe rubbers - price available on request.


We’d be happy to answer any queries you might have or provide some helpful tips on minimising foot pain. We’re always up for a yarn, so get in touch by emailing or call us on 0800 SNOWRIDE.