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The old adage,"the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts" holds true with the Völkl company.  Every one of our products combines cutting-edge technology and high quality with our boundless passion for sports and the experience and skills of the Völkl team.

Whether skis, snowboards or sportswear – everything with the Völkl brand is the result of tireless research and development efforts. Völkl embodies quality products & German Precision. This label isn't lip service as far as we're concerned, but a tried and tested reality. As the only manufacturer still developing and making skis in Germany, we regard ""Made in Germany"" as a commitment to quality workmanship and as a promise of quality to you, our customers. 

The driving force behind our innovations is competition; in both World Cup alpine skiing as well as professional freeskiing and snowboarding – we are steadily forging ahead with new developments. But snow professionals aren't the only beneficiaries of our technological edge--you can feel it too as you glide down the slopes, whether you're hard-carving your turns or taking each curve leisurely and in stride. Völkl skis optimise your performance to maximise your fun on the snow. 
Volkl Mantra 2018
NZ $1,349.00 NZ $999.00 Save NZ $350.00
Volkl Kendo 2018
NZ $1,299.00 NZ $899.00 Save NZ $400.00
Volkl 90Eight Ski 2018
NZ $1,199.00 NZ $899.25 Save NZ $299.75
Volkl 90Eight Woman's Ski 2018
NZ $1,199.00 NZ $899.25 Save NZ $299.75
Volkl Kenja 2018
NZ $1,299.00 NZ $974.25 Save NZ $324.75
Volkl RTM 84 UVO Skis Marker XL 12.0 Bindings 2018
NZ $1,899.00 NZ $1,519.20 Save NZ $379.80
Volkl Flair SC Efficiency UVO  Motion3 11 Binding 2018
NZ $1,699.00 NZ $1,325.22 Save NZ $373.78
Volkl 100Eight  Ski 2017
NZ $1,349.00 NZ $741.95 Save NZ $607.05
Volkl Jr RTM / m4.5 Binding
NZ $449.00 NZ $359.20 Save NZ $89.80
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