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Avra Neo Snow Safety Pack


When you talk about the NEO product from Arva, which often comes up is simple and efficient. Inteface and very functional ergonomic and practical use, it is also the first device to display 60 m wide search.

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Arva Neo Beacon
Most market devices are now three antennas. 2 antennas are used successively in primary research. Generally, listening on the secondary antenna is less efficient than the main. This reduces the search bandwidth that represents the worst case. Neo is the first device to have such great performance on the main axis than the minor axis. And this allows him to have exceptional significance in all configurations and be the first device to display 60 m search band width.
Characteristics :

  • Research bandwidth 60m
  • 3 antennas - Transmitter / receiver: 457 kHz, international frequency.
  • Fully digital
  • Simple and Effective Use
  • Marking victims
  • Benchmark multi victim to more than 4
  • Automatic Back configurable emission clock
  • Screen HD
  • Battery life: more than 250 hours.
  • Battery Type 3 Alkaline batteries AAA / LR03.


  • Weight: 650 g.
  • Handle: Alu, ovoid shape.
  • Bucket: 23 x 24,5 cm, painting aluminum.
  • Handle length: 39/54 cm.
  • Shovel length: 72 cm.

Probe: LIGHT 240

  • Diameter 10.86 mm.
  • 7075.
  • Corde kevlar.
  • Lock tension.
  • Marking every 5 cm.
  • 240cm.
  • 190 g.
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