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Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN '19

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The Big Kahuna of the Cochise boot lineup, the Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN Ski Boots combine race-boot stiffness with a remarkably efficient tour mode, all at a more than respectable weight. The well designed combination of C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) lower shell, grindable bootboard, and punchable/grindable liner give your bootfitter great raw material for dialing in the perfect fit. This is one of the few 130 flex crossover boots that ships with an ISO 5355 sole AND Dynafit certified tech fittings, so you can seamlessly swap between older alpine setups and modern tech touring rigs with a single boot.

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Shell Materials & Design

Power Light Design – Bi-injected polyether frame that is 30% thinner and 2.5 times stiffer than conventional boot material which results in 18% weight savings without loss in performance.

Shell – Bi-Material Polyether/Polyester

Cuff – Bi-Material Polyether/Polyester


Removable Velcro Spoiler

12.5˚ Forward Lean

3.5˚ Ramp Angle

Ski/Walk Mode

Mobility Cuff – Tecnica's redesigned walk mode features a 42˚ range of leg movement, a super smooth pivot action, and metal-to-metal contact in the locking mechanism. The new S.A.S (Self-Adjusting System) tightens the locking action as the metal wears to eliminate play.


4 Micro Alu Screwed Buckles with Double Hook on Cuff

Lift Lock Buckles – The lift lock system makes your life easier by automatically keeping the buckles open while you step in and out of the boots.

Power Strap

45mm Full Contact Strap – Power Lock closure for speedy transitions, elastic neckband for touring.


ISO 5355 Alpine Soles

Dynafit Certified Tech Inserts

Additional Features

Aqua Stop Water Protection – Water protection system with bi-material double ridge structure.

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