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Swix File Chrome 20cm


These new files by Swix are absolutely the finest available for ski tuning. The cost may seem high, but discriminating techs find the cutting action to be superior to any other ski files. Multiple tooth configurations for different tasks from initial set-up to fine finishing.

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 Swix's Chromed Bastard File is an excellent tuning tool for establishing edge geometry. Featuring 13 teeth per centimeter, the Chromed Bastard File is best used for initially setting the side edge angle. The files in the Racing Pro World Cup line are non-tang files which provides you with a truer, flatter file. This directly translates to hundredths saved because your edge geometry will be as precise as Aksel Lund Svindal's, Swix athlete and Norwegian speed machine.

Built for edge filing freehand; or use it with a Swix file guide

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