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Swix Fibertex

Set of 3 different Fibertex pads - for smoothing, cleaning and polishing the base
The pads consist of special nylon fibres that are soaked with fine, sharp resin particles to smooth the base
Purple pad/coarse Fibertex:  For repairing scratches on damaged bases and smoothing after base repairs with PE pens
Orange pad/medium Fibertex: For freshening up and exposing the ski base. Removes hardened oxidised layers on running surfaces
White pad/fine Fibertex: Is used on new or freshly tuned skis to remove the outer PE hairs. Also for polishing the base after waxing and brushing out. Makes the base very smooth.
Size: 150 mm x 110 mm
Great for removing p-tex hairs from ski base without leaving any residue
Also works as a wax polisher and for de-burring edges
For use with solvent to clean the ski base and for polishing the base after scraping and brushing
Fine: White
4 x 6 inch (110 mm x 150 mm): 3 pads
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